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Taylor’s Tales

Hi, my name’s Taylor and I’m Chrissie’s oldest daughter (I’m 9)and I’m going to tell you some tales.

I made a candle on Thursday at brownies and I made a candle holder. I put glue on the glass cup and got some red tissue paper and I folded it and cut little dips. They kind of looked like little squares and I glued it down and then there was some yellow tissue paper and glued it on to it. Lastly I glued some black felt strips onto it for a cross but the PVA glue didn’t work on felt so the top bit fell off.

I really love crafting 💖✨


Hand decorated notebooks

These hand decorated notebooks are a great little stocking filler that you can personalise with the recipients favourite colours or embellishments that match their personality.

You can pick up some notebooks from a lot of places on the high street and also the supermarkets.

Make sure the covers of your notebooks are sturdy enough to take what you want to create on them

Don’t forget the back of the notebook, I made sure the back cover had a matching theme to the front but with no heavy embellishments.

This first notebook I gave to my neighbor, just before she moved away. Being a very ‘girly girl’ and loving to shop for clothes, I used a lot of pink and added a dress for the main embellishment and a little perfume bottle. I added the buttons and ribbons for fun.

This note book I made for the living room coffee table. I love upcycling and viny pieces, so this notebook fits right in.

I used a script backing paper then made up the layers by stamping first, then heat embossing some vintage postal stamps. I added some embellishments, ribbon and some liquid pearls to finish.

Handmade Halloween

I noticed this week that loads of people were moaning about Halloween and how big and expensive it’s got. It’s true that people make a bigger deal than they used to, but it’s a great excuse to get together or go to a party. It’s fun to pretend to be something else and it brings out the creativity in people, like deciding how to make a graveyard in your front garden or how to make the zombie your scaring the trick or treat kids with look more dead!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can make so many things and have fun doing it. Get some friends and family round to cut out bats and spiders to hang off strings or just make some cards. I had loads of fun making cards this year.

Happy Halloween! 👻

Crafting With Children!

I know it may sound selfish, but when the children want to play with my expensive crafty items, it normally feels me with dread. They open my inks and liquid pearls and loose the lids and leave them to go dry. It drives me mad!

Luckily I got a delivery of coloured air dry clays, in various colours. In Hobbycraft they even do luminous colours.

My children are 9, 7 and 6, we spent the afternoon making a pumpkin patch and had so much fun!

Handmade Stationery Holder – Quick & Easy!

This is a quick and easy make from one piece of A4 and some washi and fabric tape, you don’t have to use any glue if you don’t want to.

Just score some card into 3 and fold the left on top of the right and score for a neat edge.

The third section is up to you. I cut away a triangle to make the top pocket. Cut a strip to hold a few pens and left a section for the bottom pocket. Add or leave sections for what you need.

Use your washi or fabric tape to hold everything together and it looks great too. I put fabric tape on the bottom of the triangle pocket, across the pen holder and on top of the bottom pocket. The rest of the tape is decorative and I added some extra embellishments.

Make yours however you like and put some ribbon or string to hang up. They make nice little gifts for a home office or students bedroom. You could also make them with children as they are easy and fun to decorate with their name or favourite character stickers.

Butterfly Wings

I love butterflies, a lot of crafter’s do, I use them a lot. They represent different things to different people, a new beginning or change in your life and they are always perfect and beautiful.

I made this for my neighbor as she was starting a new career. She had given up her old job and was so nervous as she felt out of her depth. I just knew she would be great and wanted to tell her to “spread your wings and fly”, so I made this:

Cardmaking Love!

It was card making that first filled my crafty heart and it didn’t take long for crafty items to fill my home.

Stamping caught my interest early and 18 years ago there wasn’t any clear stamps and acrylic blocks, only wooden rubber stamps and they were not cheap. I used to save to buy them, one a month, so when the first affordable clear stamps came out I was excited. You could get about 8 clear stamps for the price of one wooden. All these years later, despite my husband begging to reduce my crafty stash, I still cannot let go of my wooden stamps.