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Make Your Own Backing Papers

I love making my own papers. It’s a great way to make sure everything goes together on your projects and they are fun to make.

On these cards, I used four different stamps and three different Distress Inks.

Don’t worry about being perfect, I find they always look better if you don’t over think.

Tip – after you have stamped, try stamping again and you will get a faded or ‘shadow’ print of your image.

On the toppers I had fun with Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders. I just tapped some onto white paper, then spritz with water untill you get the look you want.

I used black Stayz On ink to stamp my images onto the Pixie Powder papers.

Both of these techniques are so much fun and the results look amazing.

#handmade #crafting #mixedmedia #stamping #cardmaking #distressinks


Published by Chrissie

Artist and Creative Designer of Handmade Cards, Scrapbooks, Mixed Media and Interior Decoration.

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