Fun with Layered Stamps

I have used a lot of layering stamps because I love the look, but when I got the Hampton Art stamp platform, stamps and inks, I realized what I had been missing.

The stamps come in sets with 2, 3 or even 4 layers. The butterfly set is so detailed and very easy to line up.

Also the inks come in tonal groups that are made to work together from dark to light.

In my make I used the silhouette stamps from the leaf and flower set, to create the background. I masked off either side and used Hampton Arts’ lightest inks.

The Hampton Art Stamp Perfect is amazing. Precision results every time and no wobble from the hinges!

I used the platform to stamp the four layered butterfly, starting with the outline using the darkest ink, to the silhouette background, using the lightest ink from their set. It’s a very beautiful butterfly. 🦋

To finish the card I used a sentiment from the Hampton Art butterfly stamp set, ribbon either side and just a few sequins.

Published by Chrissie

Artist and Creative Designer of Handmade Cards, Scrapbooks, Mixed Media and Interior Decoration.

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