My Tidy(ISH) Craft Area

I hate tidying my stash but it was gradually taking over the front room. My poor partner was just putting up with it and I felt really bad. I really did not think my stash would fit here, but somehow after two days of organising I tidyed my stash away.

I just have to face the fact that I am a messy crafter. I just have to have my whole stash within reach as I never plan my makes. I just have ideas as I craft and need my whole stash around me as I never make a plan. Does anyone else do this or am I the only one?

Anyway, in an attempt to be neat I went to town to get some draws. I sorted my inks glitters and polishes. I think the draws are ugly so I will decorate them soon.

However, I do like these small draws. Each draw is a different colour and I put my sewing tools, small wooden stamps and daubers. They are messy already as I put all the small things in there that don’t have a home!

I think I will always be a messy crafter but out of the caios comes art, cards and gifts so I am happy with that.  I am lucky to have a patient husband though!!!

Published by Chrissie

Artist and Creative Designer of Handmade Cards, Scrapbooks, Mixed Media and Interior Decoration.

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