Hand decorated notebooks

These hand decorated notebooks are a great little stocking filler that you can personalise with the recipients favourite colours or embellishments that match their personality.

You can pick up some notebooks from a lot of places on the high street and also the supermarkets.

Make sure the covers of your notebooks are sturdy enough to take what you want to create on them

Don’t forget the back of the notebook, I made sure the back cover had a matching theme to the front but with no heavy embellishments.

This first notebook I gave to my neighbor, just before she moved away. Being a very ‘girly girl’ and loving to shop for clothes, I used a lot of pink and added a dress for the main embellishment and a little perfume bottle. I added the buttons and ribbons for fun.

This note book I made for the living room coffee table. I love upcycling and viny pieces, so this notebook fits right in.

I used a script backing paper then made up the layers by stamping first, then heat embossing some vintage postal stamps. I added some embellishments, ribbon and some liquid pearls to finish.


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