Handmade Stationery Holder – Quick & Easy!

This is a quick and easy make from one piece of A4 and some washi and fabric tape, you don’t have to use any glue if you don’t want to.

Just score some card into 3 and fold the left on top of the right and score for a neat edge.

The third section is up to you. I cut away a triangle to make the top pocket. Cut a strip to hold a few pens and left a section for the bottom pocket. Add or leave sections for what you need.

Use your washi or fabric tape to hold everything together and it looks great too. I put fabric tape on the bottom of the triangle pocket, across the pen holder and on top of the bottom pocket. The rest of the tape is decorative and I added some extra embellishments.

Make yours however you like and put some ribbon or string to hang up. They make nice little gifts for a home office or students bedroom. You could also make them with children as they are easy and fun to decorate with their name or favourite character stickers.


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